TAKINOA Joy for Food and DIY

March 2nd, 2016

I believe in small things to embellish the day. One think often something special should occur. Well, not exactly. For me it’s doing a yoga session, calling a friend… creating something. It all seems simple. However starting the day with healthy food might be a good start for such a day, don’t you think?

This is indeed TAKINOA’s number one belief. The Swiss food label founded in Romandie now counts five shops, from Geneva to Lausanne. It’s a family business which stands for fresh and local ingredients and simple recipes.

The result: delicious cold and warm dishes. Some are vegetarian and vegan, made for example with quinoa, vegetables and tofu. Unexpected flavours that literally enlighten the day and make you feel incredibly fit for the working hours ahead.

My work branding DIY project for TAKINOA, food company based in Switzerland.

For sure I wouldn’t have discovered TAKINOA’s world that way without Sophie, the communication’s manager. We met at the Fashion Hotel in Zurich last autumn. The French mother tongue and mutual sympathy made us discuss very naturally. Weeks later, we met by chance again, and that’s where it all started.

She introduced me the company’s wish to bring some DIY in their branding story. It’s basically one step away from the local and healthy concept they are supporting. So I started working on the idea of creating some stands using recycled materials. ‘Ideas are endless, whereas resources are scarce’… I also wanted to express TAKINOA’s transparency on a basic object.

There was a lot of preparation of course, but it will last for the long term. The result is surprising!

Discover now the story and the final product in this video, made by myself:

Thanks to the team for this enriching experience. I really had a blast working on this project. It also shows that DIY is not only about fashion or home decor, it can be much more. Whoever you are and what you do, don’t forget that simple items can also get a second life.

With a cup of the tea in the hand, let’s say ‘Cheers’!

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