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Home Inspirations at Homify

February 7th, 2016
Home inspiration on Homify platform: Architecture, home decor and design.

Some days — especially during weekends — I wish I could live in a small and cosy shed, somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Enjoying moments of calm, with the surrounding nature… And together with the boy we would renew the interior, made from cool recycled stuffs. Whether you’re simply looking for home inspiration or willing […]

Monadico Concept Store/ Zurich

April 8th, 2014

For shops like Monadico Concept Store (Seefeld, ZH) I’m in charge of creative displays and windows as well as visual communication (photography on social medias, graphic design, product embellishment). Since March 2014 Bild: Taennler As I’ve been asking to work for Monadico with the perspective of a new shop opening, I immediately thought it was […]

Home Decor of the week

August 25th, 2011
caviar20- Op Art carpet/ Virginie Peny

That’s incredible that proximate relationship between fashion and home decor, it’s evolving with time and trends. I could speak hours long about it because there are a lot of new designers and ideas in that category -wish i could have a bit more time to experiment things at home, but i’m preparing a new home […]