Stencilled DIY Packaging Using Paper Tablecloth

December 23rd, 2015
DIY blogger and editor Virginie Peny

DIY packaging, second round before Christmas!

After the paper roll and the magazine cuts, remember here, I thought that something different would be great! There are plenty of interesting materials to use, however I have a kind of weakness for paper tablecloth. Seems to be part the french taste!

The trick is, to suggest without showing it. Let me explain.

DIY packaging ideas using recycled materials and paint

In 2015 I did it again… Last year indeed I was very enthusiastic with the project realized for Monadico Concept Store window display, that could also have been used as a tablecloth.

This time I used it as a stencil, combined to paint. Very effective!

DIY blogger and editor Virginie Peny

So all you need is papercloth (yes, the one you use to bake!), two paint colors (in spray or in tube, I used both), brush and brown paper. Or just any gift paper you may want to use.

Step 1. Place the paper cloth and maintain it near of the surface you want to paint. Spray all around, remove.

Step 2. Shift the paper cloth to the next hotspot, and paint with slight movements.


Your present is ready to pack! I used a box to fix the bottom of my packaging, then I wrapped the top to the halfway to form a triangle – in french, we use to say ‘berlingot’. Anyways, just wrap it as you wish!


Make impeccable finishings using a double-face adhesive…


And of course feel free to decorate with ribbons or whatever you want… How do like the idea of the table cloth?

I wish you a merry Christmas, take care!

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