Sabrina Dehoff Spring Summer 2016 Jewelry Collection

February 11th, 2016

‘Under Influence’ is the name of the new jewelry collection by Sabrina Dehoff. The German designer is established in Berlin since 2010 with her eponymous flagship store. I remember that I stopped by chance at this shop located in the Torstrasse, in Summer 2012. And I felt in love with the bracelets made from cord and stones!

So last month in Berlin I get to visit the shop again — this time not by chance since I met Sabrina there. She told me more about her inspirations and introduced me the collection.

Modernism and Nostalgia are two topics this season. Geometric and minimalistic shapes meet delicate symbolic charms like arrows, leaves and flowers. It turns out that the apparently two opposite worlds are supporting each other. They seem to deliver a mysterious message coming from the past into our modern lives.

Sabrina Dehoff Jewelry// Berlin, Pre Summer Collection

The panel of materials is as versatile as the collection it self, with brass, gemstones and marbled acrylics.

What I also like is the gold brass color of the jewelry, that she’s been mostly using.

Visit at Sabrina Dehoff Jewelry, Berlin Pre Summer Collection

Enter to the world of the jewel designer Sabrina Dehoff: Current collection in her shop in middle of Berlin.

As Valentine’s Day is coming, I definitely have to mention this part of the collection as well. Delicate heart shapes on rings, earrings and necklaces are available in two colors, silver and gold.

Valentine's Day Jewelry line by designer Sabrina Dehoff.

At the end of the visit, the eyes are sparkling and the head is in the sky. These rings from the Winter collection might be a reason for this, with their dark blue textures…

Winter Jewelry Collection by Sabrina Dehoff

If the inspirations are meaningful, Sabrina her-self seems to be a down-to-earth person. Ha, maybe another worthy information. The production of the jewelry takes place in Germany. Now you have all good reasons to discover her world.

In Zürich Sabrina Dehoff collections are available at Tserkov Stores, in Storchengasse.

Hope you liked it, have a good day!

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