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January 13th, 2016
Some thoughts about the fashion industry and the movie 'The True Cost' by Virginie Peny

This is a movie that REALLY meant a lot to me — and to my consuming habits. The True Cost is a documentary that unveils and ‘explores the impact of fashion on people and the planet’. You might have heard about it. It was officially released last year in May and financed by crowd-funding.

As appealing, as glamorous, sparkling fabrics might be, these insights truly feel like a slap in the face!! And believe me, as ‘fashion blogger’ (that I’ve never really been), it hurts a bit to write about this topic today.

Some thoughts about the fashion industry and the movie 'The True Cost' by Virginie Peny

I wrote last year about the way my life had changed (see here and here). I called it ‘the simple life’, and this movie is another aspect that later surely contributed to it.
In most people’s minds there are other issues which have a major impact on the environment, like energy and intensive farming. Well, this is where the matter starts: fashion industry includes a high consumption of energy and raw materials.

The fact is fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry. This is one fact, but the whole thing is way more complex than it seems.

Some thoughts about the fashion industry and the movie 'The True Cost' by Virginie Peny

The True Cost is the kind of documentary that disturbs, for sure. Its message is way not comfortable. I saw it some months ago. I felt sad, philosophized about it. However, to me it was clear. I had to go further into my life’s principle of ‘buy less, choose well’. Even with DIY.

When you think about it, our daily decisions are connected, they have an impact – but not only on the economy. So I came to ‘radicalize’ my position. To keep on buying few and mindfully, but also to stop visiting these shops.

It’s not about changing the world from tomorrow, but I think everyone should feel concerned about health, environment and climate change. Not only because else we might not be able to wear winter boots anymore!

There are many causes to get involved in on this world right now. Just introduced you to mine!. I could write a lot about it — be sure that I’ll share with you my thoughts, discoveries and experiments along the year. There’s enough emotion to come…

For those who didn’t see the movie, watch the trailer here:
Really encourage you to see it. You can rent it on their website for less than four dollars.

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  1. J’ai des frissons en voyant le trailer, je cours voir ce film. En tant que petite créatrice – j’ai décidé de me réorienter vers les chutes en visitant le salon Première Vision.
    Ta démarche est très intéressante en tout cas, merci pour ce lien 😉

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