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January 30th, 2016
Time to thank your hairdresser with Wella

Beauty topics are not my favorite, however I always enjoy to talk about hairstyle. This time I’ve been asked to introduce the latest video campaign from Wella Professionals. I think it’s easy to look good when dressing up — but nice hair is much harder to get! It all begins at the hairdresser, right?

Time to thank your hairdresser with Wella

If you follow me for a while, you should know that I scored a long hair historic! I tried indeed different extreme things over the last years. Short, pixie hair cut. Mid-long and weavy, with some variants.

Whatever I wore, I admired this artwork and the passion of all professionals I’ve been to. And of course I felt really thankful.

Learn more about my new haircut in french style! Sponsored by Wella

This year I came back to my long time favorite bangs style!! I think it’s one of the best cut for me. Even if people tend to associate it to french style, I just feel to be myself wearing it.

In that way, nothing can go wrong when getting the right hair cut (means the right hair dresser) and the right hair care. It’s every day’s life discipline, for sure… However one good hair care makes the task much easier. I chose the smoothen shampoo, and I’m really happy with it. My only regret? The chunky plastic packaging.

Wella hair care, perfect to discipline your hair style

So have a look at the last campaign „Friseure bewegen“ (in english ‘hairdressers on the move’), it unveils loads of emotions and insights among the professionals. It might offer another perspective on hairdresser’s work… And next time, why not sharing some love with Wella on Instagram?

Wish you a nice weekend! xx

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