DIY Packaging: Recycled Paper Roll

December 21st, 2015
Stylish recycled packaging idea for jewelry and other small presents

Christmas is coming, I hope you’re already having a festive time, wherever you are. This year I’ll spend it in the Netherlands, I’m really excited to discover Amsterdam city in the Xmas mood. It’s packing time, I’m going to wear the ‘Stella top’ made two years ago…

In my atelier: Seeking for inspiration Skirt, American Vintage (similar here)/ DIY Stella top

For here and now I prepared two DIY packaging ideas for you, using recycled materials (the second one is coming later!)

Today’s match: magazine cuts and paper roll, which makes a stylish packaging for small items, like for example jewelry. Somehow poetic, not?

Eco Chic Recycled Packaging Idea, Using Paper Roll and Magazine Cuts

What you need:

Glue, one wide paintbrush, scissors, magazine cuts (prefer high fashion supports, these are from JALOUSE France), string, and a hint of nature that never hurts… And a paper roll.

Eco Chic Recycled Packaging Using Paper Roll

Step 1. Select some esthetic sheets and decide which one you would like to use. Start to glue the paper roll on one side, place the magazine sheet on it. Then glue the last part of the paper roll, and readjust the paper correctly. Make sure there are less air bubbles underneath. Cut the paper rests.


Step 2. Prepare each side of the roll by folding curves, like on the picture:


Step 3. If you want to add some shinny effect, glue the magazine paper on the surface one more time, with the dedicated glue.

Decorate with natural elements and some natural colored string.


Stylish recycled packaging idea for jewelry and other small presents This DIY project has been realized for the Wienachtsdorf Newspaper in Zurich.

Hope you liked it, would be curious to hear what kind of packaging ideas you are using this year!

Still looking for simple and easy ideas for your festive table? Then go read the post I wrote for Style Notes.

So, I have to finish my hand suitcase. Less than 5 kg on 55 cm width. Wish me good luck!

A bientôt xx

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