DIY Home: Hints of Wool to Warm Up the Room

February 24th, 2016

Considering that rustic style is not for everyone, there’s to me another more sustainable way to bring a warm atmosphere in your home. It’s all in the details, to add some hints of wool here and there is more than interesting. Small wall accessories, wool balls, funky colorful pompons… In this post I’m introducing you my favorite ideas for DIY home to warm up your room. With no decadence.

But first, let’s start to say ‘MERCI’.

Bag Versa Versa, lipstick by Chanel.
Calvin Klein ring and self made bracelet.

This is one of this month’s DIY project I made for I was actually looking for a nice idea to thank the ones I love! Feeling grateful on a daily basis is a wonderful feeling, don’t you think? We’ll never say it enough. For this I only used metal thread and some walk wool.
Of course you might write whatever you want. As a present with the surname of your lover, or indeed with a meaningful word… The wool material definitely adds a warm touch on the wall. Cheap and simple to do, you might like it!

So here is the tutorial, with my (very) french accent:

What to do with wool yarns balls -and even rests? This question finds an answer with wool balls. Using polystyrene shapes, it’s very easy to create diverse balls sizes for decoration. The more, the better: in a beautiful low jar, the result might surprise you. Also give a try to knit optic on accessories, it’s timeless.

Warm up your home interior with simple DIY ideas with wool

We Are Knitters wool, Bloomingville vase.

Other original suggestions: What about hanging colorful pompons on one lamp, throwing one chunky knit plaid on the bed… Playing with wool ball cushions. Or hanging this super cool lamb decoration found on Etsy?

DIY ideas for home decor featuring hints of wool: cushion, lamp, accessories DIY hanging lamp via, cushions and plaid via Pinterest.

Decorate small, dream big! What would you like to have at your place?
I hope you enjoyed the post, à bientôt!

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