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Insights: The True Cost Movie

January 13th, 2016
Some thoughts about the fashion industry and the movie 'The True Cost' by Virginie Peny

This is a movie that REALLY meant a lot to me — and to my consuming habits. The True Cost is a documentary that unveils and ‘explores the impact of fashion on people and the planet’. You might have heard about it. It was officially released last year in May and financed by crowd-funding. As appealing, […]

Happy New Year 2016!

January 3rd, 2016

Voilà, here we are! 2016 has started, and I hope that before wishing people in your circle a happy new year, you wished yourself all the best first. Not that it’s about praising a kind of self-importance. However, it’s YOU who can make everything possible. It all starts with yourself. So let’s celebrate! From the left […]