Best Packing Hacks for Style Travelers

February 2nd, 2016
These fashion and beauty hacks for traveling with style will change your life!

Whether it’s time for Fashion Week or for any other holiday or business trip: Packing is always tricky. Especially for short trips, when cabin luggage is the only packaging you decide to take with!

Even in this category, I believe quantity should never overtake quality. This is what I realized after my Berlin trip since I had a very small packaging. So what are my best packing hacks?

These fashion and beauty hacks for traveling with style will change your life!

For traveling with style, great and qualitative stuffs is all you need. I really like to take big plaids with me. I can use it in the plane when it’s cold, and wear it afterwards like a scarf. I get this one from Amsterdam over Christmas, and it’s truly amazing. The dutch brand By Mölle creates soft decorating items made from recycled DENIM, to see their eco-friendly collection is worth. Note books (like the pink one by Rifle Paper via and camera accessories belong obviously to my must-haves…

Before starting, making a list is essential. First the really important things (pass, keys, agenda), then the comfort and hygienic items. Prepare some plastic and textile bags to condition these groups of things. If your list is well organized, the feeling having forgotten something will never occur!

Prepare your trip with these simple hacks and organization tricks.

Preparing the essentials: I personally rather collect all important documents in one envelope. Afterwards the risk to waste your time searching for separate things is bigger than to lost the package! Once I arrive, I dispatch the content. What I still need on a daily basis, what I don’t.

These fashion and beauty hacks for traveling with style will change your life!

Women are known to over estimate their clothing needs, it’s a fact. So how to optimize your packings?

Try to reduce to the max, and go for basics and natural tones that are easier to match with. This way you might take some small, cool and colorful accessories.
Next rule: ROLL your clothing instead of folding. It works really good.

Beauty is a huge factor for non-saving space, I know!

Beauty hacks for your travel: Use cotton pads to protect your make up. Bobbi Brown eye shadow and bronze powder

To preserve the textures, I would advise to place some cotton pads in your powder makeup.

In any case, for big and small trips: replace original packagings with smaller bottles. I guess everyone get that one…

Among my best packing hacks: Place plastic on the top of each liquid bottle. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner

Did you already experience getting oily, wet bottles when arriving? Then place some plastic wrap on the top of each bottle next time!

On that way, I like to collect beauty samples. It’s a cheap and easy hack, not only to save space but also to discover new products. In Berlin I really enjoyed the super hand creme by Vetia Floris. Ideal to use, wherever you are!

When traveling think about packing small beauty samples. It saves a lot of space!

Packing jewelry is also tricky, depending on your style it might take a lot of space. For this reason I prefer to optimize make up — yeah… you know I’m french. So I rather wear lipstick than jewelry when traveling.

Ask french women: Privilege wearing lipstick than jewelry while traveling.

Last but not least: I love it to prepare my own drink before leaving — and boarding! Add in a small bottle of water some lemon juice, thyme and honey. This is healthy and really delicious. Better than any kind of juice you can find at the airport!

Preparing a delicious drink when traveling: Lemon, thyme and honey.

Really happy to travel by train for my coming trip, have to admit that planes make me a bit anxious!! In 10 days I’ll be in Frankfurt at Main, in Germany. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you guys are in Germany or in Switzerland, you might have hear about Westwing. The german online-shop and website features daily offers of stylish products but also inspiring traveling ideas, like on the Westwing’s ‘Stil Reise’ page. You might also read more about many bloggers tipps — including me on the Must Haves section!

Take care, have a good day. xx

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