Virginie Peny is editor of the eponymous DIY blog about style and conscious living

Photo: Pauline Darley

Inspiring, experiencing, creating. Virginie Peny is an online space for DIY projects and style inspiration in the daily life – surrounded by conscious living aspirations.

My home ground in the middle of France is marked by nature, offering generous landscapes, dyed gems and genuine textures. Probably one reason why I’ve been constantly inspired by shapes, colors and fabrics. In art, design and fashion. During my studies at the University I built my own experience in diverse ‘savoir-faires’: Sketching, knitting, sewing as well as designing jewelry. I started to blog in 2010 to share my vision of DIY and helpful tips. Since then I teamed up and worked with several magazines and brands.

The journey drove me from Germany to Austria and Switzerland, where I’ve been developing my blog and working on some freelance projects.
Far away from sophistication and mass production, I tend to combine individuality and creativity in a sustainable way. To trends I prefer timeless garments that I will enjoy for years, young brands and some designers, vintage and self-made things. This to me slow fashion. From October 2015 I decided not to communicate anymore on cheap, international brands with massive production. In 2016 I want to go discover ECO and innovative labels!

This is of course all I want to share with you, on this DIY blog. Giving many ideas to optimize garments and materials, making the most of old and existing stuffs in the huge fashion diversity. Showing some of my favorite garments and accessories that have been a good investment…

I believe starting a DIY project using many new or expensive stuff is not the optimal way. Ideas are endless, resources are not.

You can visit my online shop ATELIER 30 to find unique crafted pieces as well as some second hand items.

Oh, and you might also want read what the press wrote about the blog.

Last but not least. Hello imperfection – please note that English is not my mother tongue : ) Thanks for reading and have a nice visit.

With love, V.

‘Buy less, choose well -and DIY. We want to make it last.’ Some words for Mrs Vivienne Westwood… xx