2016 Pantone Colors, How To…

January 15th, 2016
Pantone Colors 2016 in fashion, how to wear them.

It’s this year’s perfect color duo: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue are Pantone colors for the year 2016!

Cosy, however kind of hybrid: These tones are hard to define. More accurate than on the following picture, get your own impression on Pantone’s website. How to use them best? Here some ideas and tips!

Pantone Colors 2016 in fashion, how to wear them. Vintage silk shirts, private

Unless the pink or the blue tone is your all-time favorite color, one big investment doesn’t really worth it. Like for all trends, chances are that we get bored quickly… For garments as well as for home decor, a limited use is more than advisable.

In your wardrobe:

  • prefer vintage pieces, like accessories or versatile garments that are easy to combine with.
  • avoid typically summer stuffs (like dresses) that you might won’t be able to wear very often.
  • give a try to scarves in Rose Quartz. No matter the season, it looks always nice in winter with grey or beige tones.

Pantone Colors 2016 in fashion, how to enjoy them at home. From the left to the right, pictures via Resource Furnitures, Divine Design and Casa Vogue Globo.

For the home decor:

  • prefer DIY! Paint chairs or small furniture pieces, like small tables. Or sew cushions, that you can easily recover for your next color obsession.
  • avoid carpets, lamps and cupboards in these colors. Not a sustainable choice!
  • give a try to embellish furniture details: inside of cupboards, drawers… Or simply buy nice, simple but qualitative bed linen. These harmonic colors are really nice to de-stress.

Do you already made your choice? Wish you a great weekend, xx

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